Weathertyte PLUS is by far our favorite awning fabric.

WeathertytePLUS — and its lightweight version WeathertytePLUS Lite—is a premium, textured vinyl substrate used in awnings, canopies, umbrellas, pole banners, garden furniture, marine, and other.

WeathertytePLUS provides extremely effective coverage for any establishment, including retail stores, restaurants, country clubs, hotels, schools, public buildings, mixed-use projects, residential developments, strip malls, recreational vehicles (RV), mobile storage, and more. This new product is stocked in thirteen custom colors (plus white) to enhance any storefront while protecting windows and doorways from sun, rain, and snow. WeathertytePLUS is optimized for use with solvent, UV, and latex printers, and is receptive to pressure-sensitive film.

This product is perfect for specialty applications. The weather-resistant and fully waterproof materials offer the luxurious look, feel, and texture of decorative fabric. It comes the closest to looking like standard canvas and also has all the qualities to make it last and enjoy a fine look for many many years to come.

Weathertyte Fabric Color Options